Whoa!! ArcGIS Earth is Here. Download Your Free Copy Today

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Demand for 3D is growing. As more companies, governments, and nonprofits use 3D, it is becoming expected for communicating plans, analysis, and operational information, in fields as diverse as engineering, construction, and emergency response. Users benefit from the immersive and visually compelling experience only 3D can provide.

The ArcGIS platform’s 3D capabilities span a number of products that are built to meet the needs of our diverse user base. At one end of the spectrum, ArcGIS Pro enables users to do advanced 2D and 3D visualization, editing, analysis, and publishing. At the other end, the 3D Scene Viewer allows anyone with a web browser to easily view, create, and share location information in 3D.


Users who need rapid access to KML and other open standard and proprietary GIS data will be able to quickly launch the app, explore data, and share information using a familiar workflow. They can follow links to external information, and double check important features on the map. ArcGIS Earth can be used to view 2D and 3D data, imagery, and other information in KML, Shapefiles, or CSV files.

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