MANIT Organising Two Days Workshop on Free and Open Source GIS

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Maps have an important role in the development and planning process. The decision- making process has become increasingly quantitative and mathematical models have become commonplace. Prior to the computerized map, most spatial analyses were severely limited by their manual processing procedures. The computer has provided the means for both efficient handling of voluminous data and effective spatial analysis capabilities.


The three-geospatial technologies namely, Remote Sensing, GIS and GNSS in integration could provide an efficient and cost-effective tool in the development, monitoring and management of natural resources and infrastructure and these are nowadays known by a
single name Geoinformatics or Geomatics. Geoinformatics is one of the three “megatechnologies” of the 21st century namely Geoinformatics, Nanotechnology & Biotechnology. Geoinformatics has the capability to provide the backbone for the Digital India mission recently launched by the Govt. of India.

Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, is organising two days national workshop on “Free & Open Source Solutions on Geoinformatics”. This workshop will provide an opportunity to the academicians, researchers, scientists, field engineers and administrators, for the theoretical and practical knowledge of Free and Open Source Solutions of Geoinformatics.

Information Brochure

Event Website



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