Copernicus Global Land Service

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The Copernicus Global Land Service is the component of the Copernicus Land service which ensures a global systematic monitoring of the Earth’s land surface. It provides bio-geophysical variables in near real time describing the state of vegetation, the energy budget and the water cycle, including their changes and disturbances, derived from the imagery of low and medium resolution satellite sensors.

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The Global Land Service is a component of the Copernicus Land service that provides a series of bio-geophysical products on the status and evolution of land surface at global scale at mid and low spatial resolution. Products are mentioned below.

Bio-geophysical variables to understand ecosystem dynamics, estimate crop yield, manage natural resources, assess global land carbon budget and to characterise environmental conditions and disturbances for climate modelling.

Surface radiation variables useful in a wide range of applications related to land surface processes, including (agro-)meteorology, hydrology and also environmental surveys and climate studies.

WATER CYCLE products
The water cycle plays a major role in land-atmosphere exchanges. These variables are useful for applications such as ecosystem health, crop and forest productivity, regional and global climate impact analysis.

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