Maharashtra Govt. plans to map whole state through satellite images

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The state’s planning department has issued a notification on April 28 announcing the plan to develop MGDDS and appointment of Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre (MRSAC) . Also, the government made mandatory for all departments and corporations to obtain satellite images and geographic information only from MRSAC from now onwards. The departments and corporations will have to take prior permission of the planning department for obtaining satellite images and geographic information from other sources in case not getting required and quality information or within time period from MRSAC.


“Satellite technology is very important for making policy decisions at various levels, preparing proposals, execution of projects, monitoring, land survey etc along with effective development of urban and rural areas in the state. Already various types of government works have been done obtaining satellite images and geographic information system from remote sensing centres. The departments are spending double amount on it and also not getting similar type of informations. Therefore, plan is to develop MGDDS. MRSAC is being appointed as nodal agency for developing MGDDS, implement and operation,” the notification said.

As per notification, MRSAC will make available MGDDS on the government’s website on which each department will have its own access. MRSAC will procure satellite images on behalf of the government, work on it as per requirement of departments and provide through MGDDS. The estimated project cost is around Rs300 crore. MRSAC is preparing detailed project report and will submit it to the government followed by execution of the project.

MRSAC will also give technical assistance to all departments for collecting geographic information in standard data format/template. Departments will have to pay MRSAC as per norms for satellite images and other types of works.

Spationet community welcomes the decision taken by Maharashtra Government.


MRSAC website



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