Mine Removal Drone

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The Mine Kafon Drone (MKD) offers an innovative solution to landmine removal, providing a reliable demining system that delivers accurate updates and information on mine clearing operations. Mine Kafon Drone: an unmanned airborne demining system, uses a three step process to map, detect and detonate land mines.

The Mine Kafon Drone flies over dangerous areas to map, detect and detonate land mines from a safe distance. The drone works autonomously equipped with three separate interchangeable robotic extensions. These three methodologies combined makes the MKD up to 20 times faster than traditional demining technologies. As well as being safer, it also up to 200 times cheaper.


1. Mapping

First, the drone flies over the whole field with an aerial 3D mapping system to identify all the dangerous areas with GPS way points.

 2. Detection

Equipped with a robotic metal detecting arm the MKD hovers above the ground at approximately 4 cm to detect mines. Every detected mine is geotagged on the operator’s system to construct a map of known mine locations.


3. Destroying

For the final phase of the process the MKD, attached with a robotic gripping arm, places a small detonator on every detected mine. The land mine is then detonated from a safe distance using a timer.

3. detonation

Today, landmines can still be found in more than 60 countries, constituting a significant risk to communities across the globe. In these countries, the victims are mostly civilians – children, women and the elderly – with tens of thousands of innocent people killed every year, and much more injured, serving as a horrific reminder of the past.

Using current technologies, clearing or even detecting all land mines across the entire world would take over 1100 years. The established processes are slow, dangerous and expensive, and completely unacceptable if we want to solve the problem in our lifetime.

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